Bury The Hatchet

by Benton Leachman

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Desire 03:10
Back when we were younger, we were bold and we were brave And we had a little faith in our hearts We could wear them on our sleeves Just as long as we believed That we would never tear each other’s apart And we never had to get our feet wet first We held’em right on the fire Yeah, we dove head on after we felt Or we burned in our desire Yeah, we burned in our desire L.O.V.E. Didn’t’ complicate things Until I said its name out loud Then experience and fear Held it back till it was clear That she was gone and I was too damn proud Cuz I’d never had to get my feet wet first I held’em right on the fire Yeah I dove head on after what I was feeling And I burned in my desire Yeah, I burned in my desire Now I’m getting older and I’m getting scared Cuz I don’t wanna alone right now, But I don’t wanna show I care So maybe I’ll just get my feet wet first Before I hold’em to the fire Then I’ll dive head on after what I’m feeling Or I’ll burn in my desire Yeah, I’ll burn in my desire
Hand to Hold 04:43
Your perfume and your hair In this bar room air Say enough for me to know That your heart tonight Is heavy and cold You’re about to lose control But I’m not the kind to take advantage of your pain Yeah we’ve both had our fair share to show So take my hand For the next slow dance For the next five minutes I’m yours With your hand in mine Let your heart unwind Let the music speak to your soul So your broken heart May once more be whole Cuz at least you have my hand to hold He may have been The apple of your eye And you loved him more Than he’ll ever know He said goodbye Yeah, he made you cry Now he’s got no cards left to show And you can’t remember how to be alone Hell, you can’t remember the last time That you were on your own So take my hand For the next slow dance For the next five minutes I’m yours With your hand in mine Let your heart unwind Let the music speak to your soul So your broken heart May once more be whole Cuz at least you have my hand to hold If you’re ever in pain Or feelin’ alone You will always have my hand to hold
Pride 04:13
Heat of the moment Words we should omit Seem to slip right through our teeth Heated exchanges And harsh interchanges Make it hard for me to sleep We couldn’t help that the tensions we high That just gives us more reason to try Lets stop pointing our fingers And put our tempers aside I’m halfway down the road between Pride and what could be I’m standing out here in middle my dear Ride out and meet me I’ll be here with arms open wide And out here there ain’t secrets to hide Halfway down the road between Pride and what could be Bottom of a bottle Bottom of a glass Tryin’ to get the time to pass Sittin’ in silence Pain in my chest Can’t put these feelings to rest Cuz there’s something different Know that its true Knew it minute I laid eyes on you So I’m gonna open my heart Darlin’ please don’t tear me apart A proud soul gets wasted on a sad goodbye A broken heart keeps screaming out for one more try I’ll meet you halfway darlin’ , take that leap of faith Put your fears and doubts aside before its all too late
I remember…the first time My tear stained shoulder met your blood shot eyes Bleeding alibis You said, “put yourself in my shoes” And what did I have to lose…, but time Just to find What I could never do to you I refuse to turn a blind eye To the truth Another hatchet in the ground’s Another lie to lose Cuz when grass grows green over all the tombs Of promises you made I’ll dig too deep find the rusted parts And I’ll bury this damn hatchet in your heart So here I am a digging through the dirt and the hurt Filling in the holes and putting in the work, for you my dear …For what that’s worth Cuz a broken promise is a promise in itself To break your word if it suits yourself Put my ring on his floor And your conscience On the shelf
Run 04:13
5 dollar habit Extra in change Its making me cough Its making me go insane Don’t go to bed For days at a time I’m a working man My time is worth my dime And I know I know I’m close to the edge Stiff wind gets a blowin’ I’ll fall right off the ledge World spins faster Face down on the ground And I’m too damn young to know I should settle down So Run… Yeah run…. Just like the wind I can’t save you From the kind of man I am Misery loves company I’ll bring you to the ground Yeah, I’m too damn young to know That I should settle down Hold me up Or let me go Make your choice now I don’t need to know But keep your faith In what I say Gold ain’t worth the promises I make (OH OH OHS)
Lonely 04:15
Fun night at the bar And now I’m going home Before I start my car I put a sad song on Oh, it ain’t because I’m depressed You can put my heart to the test Oh, it just sooths my sould to hear the blues Yeah, I’m doing well enough I guess A broken heart’s been laid to rest I fought to get my demons out of me When I ponder what my existence sums Pretty clear what I’ve become Oh, and its easy enough for you to see Yeah, Lonely has become a part of me Others came since you left And they were nice enough I guess But when I tried to hold them close That’s when I missed you the most Cuz giving up the chase Has never been this hard Yeah’ I’d like to start it over again But I wouldn’t know where to start And going away from home Beats coming back alone When there’s nothing but these empty walls And silence for company
I think I hate you And I want him dead But I think I’ll take all this hurt And I’ll just rhyme these words instead Now I’m forced to sleep here In a bed that you made Oh, and these sheets are colder now Than anything that I have to say I hope the guilt will weigh you down when you hear my songs I hope the truth between these line makes you sing along You won’t find damnation in my thousand-mile stare Because in end your conscience will be your own cross to bear They say love’s relentless Oh, but my heart ain’t So I think I’ll cover the cracks in these walls With a red coat of paint Cuz half of me needs you And half of me don’t Darlin’, and that half of me ain’t afraid that I’ll end up alone I hope the guilt will weigh you down when you hear my songs I hope the truth between these line makes you sing along You won’t find salvation in my thousand-mile stare Because in end your conscience will be your own cross to bear Oh baby, yeah in the end Your conscience will be your own cross to bear
We fell hard as a setting sun Honey, it took a while, But our day is gone Our day is done It was once bitten twice shy Twice bitten goodbye But maybe I'll give it one more try Before i sleep in this cold bed I’d rather burn, I wanna feel again I’d rather stir the coals in your dark heart Than feel this cold within I’m damned if I still love you And I’m damned if I don’t learn, But I’d rather burn I’d rather burn Funny how a flame is such a fickle friend Too close and its too bright to see Too far you’re in the dark again And darlin’ you are still my fire All my hopes, all my desires And I’ll run blind through mines and wires If you’ll just take my hand We fell hard as a setting sun Baby it took a while, But our day is gone Our day is done But tomorrow comes When the morning comes We’ll burn Yeah we’ll feel again We’ll stir the flames in your dark heart and melt the ice within I’ll love that I still love you I know I’ll never learn I’d rather burn I’d rather burn
Safety Net 04:58
Count the day’s sins on your hands If you’re lucky it won’t take two There’s a long line of sinners at heavens gate Hell bent on getting through Temptation has many faces and forms A bad habit’s hard to kill But who can you expect to save you now If you don’t have the will To save yourself Take a step back toward your past And find your innocence Facing your demons on the way Is worth the consequence Just know that there’s someone out there Who would never let you fall…down I will catch you Before you hit the ground When this heart needs a kickstart To set the empty free I bring out some old birthday cards… Pieces of love from you to me. I’m less love than I am pride But that don’t mean I won’t be at your side… When hope is hard to find Go and find the rocking chair Where momma rocked you to sleep Where she sang you old time lullabies And prayed your soul to keep
Funny how you feel alone When you see a fresh cut stone Makes you wanna hold your breath and run Funny how your hair will raise When you stand on shakey graves Feel the fresh turned earth between your toes Then you hear a drumming sound Seems to come up from the ground Maybe its your heart beat in its cage But the rhythm don’t match Then you hear the creature scratch Clawing at its hole to get away There’s only six feet and some change Between the living dead and your brains Then the sky fades to black And I see the headstone crack Is that the wind or did I hear it moan? Dear Lord, whats my plan? Should I flee or should I stand And face this dirty devil on my own? Blood surgin’ through my veins Lord I’m feeling pretty faint When my legs give out from under me When I wake the sound is gone The sun is bright the earth is calm Guess that I should blame it all on me But its easier to blame… LSD


released January 25, 2015

Harmony Vocals: Ellen O'Meara, Lora Markham, Brian McRae, and Randall King.

Guitars: Jon Taylor, Brian McRae, Will Boreing, and Mitchell Rambo.

Drums: Brian McRae, Michael Vann, and Justin Lentz.

Bass: Jon Taylor and Brian McRae.

Pedal Steel: Lloyd Maines and Wally Moyer.

Lap Steel: Jon Taylor.

Fiddle: Kyle Aaron and Billy McClaren.

Keys: Matt Cardenas.

"Cross to Bear", co-written with Brett Hauser.
"I'd Rather Burn", co-written with Phlip Coggins.
"Run", co-written with Jordan Schultze.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jon Taylor.
Recorded at Mount Vernon Studios, Lubbock, Texas.

Assistant Engineers: Ben Kalvoda, Rob Phillips, and Brian McRae.

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. Austin, TX

Artwork by Bristen Philips.

Special thanks to Jon Taylor, my parents, and all my Blue Light Family. Without y'all this couldn't have happened.

Additional thanks go out to:
My Sigma Nu Fraternity brothers, Boone Leachman, Jordan Schultze, Stephen & Ryan Heape, Ross Smith, Alex & Stuart Biltz, Michelle Esqueda, the Martin Family, Paul Baray, Brian McRae, Lora Markham, Mitchell Rambo, Will Boreing, Thomas Mooney, Bristen Phillips, Dustin Six, Lance Lusk, Jason Biggs, Phlip Coggins, Marshall Vines, Austin McManus, John Barger, Daniel Klimpel, Vincent Cannella, Connor Larson, Kyle Thomas, Zachary Haber, Ross Cooper, David & Stephanie Brooks, Andy Wilkinson, Charlie Stout, Brandon Adams, Kenneth & Ellen O'Meara, Red Shahan, Zachary Taylor, Shad Durham, Kyle Isbell, Adam Schydlower, Carlos Armengor, The Texas Heritage Songwriters Foundation, and all the friends and family who helped and supported me along the way.


all rights reserved



Benton Leachman Lubbock, Texas

Benton Leachman is a young Texas songwriter with one full-length album under his belt. Released in January of 2015, Leachman’s debut album is entitled “Bury The Hatchet”. He attempts to tackle dark and complex romantic relationships and mature emotions in a way that you might not expect from a songwriter with only 24 years of life experience. ... more

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